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w-s-journal_2-7-2003.html W-S Journal: "GOP co-speaker intends to prove 'naysayers wrong'" -David Rice & Dana Damico (2/7/2003)
121903Morgan.htm The Pilot: "Morgan Foes Seek to Recruit Challenger" -D. Sinclair (12/19/2003)
drudge_reports_edwards_broke_NH_spending_limit.htm Drudge: John Edwards broke his pledge, busted NH spending cap by over $220,000
hood021004.html John Hood: "True Primary Colors" (2/9/2004)  (great article!)
blust_history.html Rep. Blust: History of the NC Redistricting Process (excerpts from a letter) (2/10/2004)
NewsMax-Kerry_Fonda.html NewsMax: Photo of John Kerry with Jane Fonda at an "anti-war" rally in 1970
locke_budget_03-05.html Locke Foundation: "The Freedom Budget: Nine Rs for North Carolina Fiscal Responsibility" (4/1/2004)
there_is_no_gop.html FreeRepublic posting of Rep. Blust's article: "There Is No Republican Party In the NC House"
morgans_tricky_ways.html Rep. Blust: "Morgan's Tricky Ways" - Letter to The Pilot (1/9/2004)
rightstuff.html Who is NC Right Stuff?
john_edwards_xing_over.html John Edwards "channeled" an unborn baby, for $millions
nyt_edwards_p1of4.html NY Times 1/31/04: "In Trial Work, Edwards Left a Trademark" (pt 1 of 4)
nyt_edwards_p2of4.html NY Times 1/31/04: "In Trial Work, Edwards Left a Trademark" (pt 3 of 4)
nyt_edwards_p3of4.html NY Times 1/31/04: "In Trial Work, Edwards Left a Trademark" (pt 3 of 4)
nyt_edwards_p4of4.html NY Times 1/31/04: "In Trial Work, Edwards Left a Trademark" (pt 4 of 4)
moneyham_rebuttal_draft1.html (Draft rebuttal to Monneyham's "Richard Morgan Is Not a Boogie Man" column)
ThePilot_GOP_in_disarray.htm Pilot editorial: "When you look up disarray in the dictionary, there's a picture of the Moore County Republican Party." (2/4/2004)
anonymous_e-mail_sparks_debate_among_gop_activists.htm Pilot article: "Anonymous E-Mail Sparks Debate Among GOP Activists" (2/26/2004)
ps022904Shebs.html Leter to The Pilot: "Morgan: Loyal Republican" (by Ted Shebs) (2/28/04)
ebay_item_2994305126.html eBay item for sale: "Imaginary Foreign Leader Endorsement"
031004morgan.html The Pilot: "Mecklenburg Resolution Seeking Morgan's Ouster" (3/9/04)
033104PilotLight.html THE PILOT LIGHT (3/31/2004) gubernatorial campaign info: Little & Shubert
032804PilotLight.html THE PILOT LIGHT (3/27/2004) Morgan tours UNC Asheville; Edwards says he is for health care (duh!)
tri-county_gala.html Press release about the Wednesday, April 7th Republican Tri-County Gala and Gubernatorial Forum
033104S-Bouser.html The Pilot: STEVE BOUSER: Attack the Argument, Not the One Making It (3/30/04)
032804Morgan.html The Pilot: Part 1 of 3: "Why Some in GOP See Morgan as the Enemy" -David Sinclair (3/27/04)
033104Morgan.html The Pilot: Part 2 of 3: "Morgan's Deal Still Provokes Debate" -David Sinclair (3/31/04)
040204Morgan.html The Pilot: Part 3 of 3: "Morgan Confident Despite Rumblings" -David Sinclair (4/2/04)
ps040404Keener.html Letter to The Pilot: "Morgan: Its Not Just Outside Intervention" -Judy Keener (4/3/04)
ps040204Matthews.html Letter to The Pilot: "Impressed With Little" -Emily Matthews (2/2/04)
ps040204Paul.html Letter to The Pilot: "Rampant Partisanship" -Dave Paul (4/2/04)
ps040204Sellers.html Letter to The Pilot: Carl Sellers thinks all politicians lie (4/2/04)
ps040204Shebs.html Letter to The Pilot "We Need More Morgans" -Ted Shebs (4/2/04)
033104B-Vetter.html Pilot Columnist: BOB VETTER: Danger Within: Too Many Judges Following Foreign Laws (3/30/04)
040404Pike.html Pilot: "Pike to Tell War Story on Fox" (4/3/04)
040204PilotEditorial.html Pilot editorial: "Can Morgan Keep Riding That Tiger?" (4/2/04)
040704PilotEditorial.html Pilot editorial: "Taking Another Look At Location of OLF" (4/7/04)
ps033104Sides.html Letter to the Pilot: "Kerry and Fonda" (3/30/04) -by Matt Sides, who is strangly offended by this photo: NewsMax-Kerry_Fonda.html
ps040204Ramsey.html Letter to the Pilot: "Cookie Monster?" (4/2/04)
3496044p-3100296c.html N&O: "GOP candidates call Easley inactive" (at Tri-County Forum) - another Rob Christensen hack job (4/8/04)
3513803p-3117243c.html UNC's John Quinterno focuses on how redistricting was manipulated to reduce the number of competitive races (N&O, 4/15/04)
041804Barrett.html gubernatorial candidate Dan Barrett interviewed by The Pilot's editors (4/18/04)
ps041604Thurman.html Letter to The Pilot: "Crutchfield: No Candidate" -Bill Thurman (4/16/04)
040704Morgan.html Pilot article: "Morgan Supporters Rally to His Defense" (4/7/04) -- rewritten from a Morgan campaign press release
042504Crutchfield.html Pilot article: "Poll Results Encourage Crutchfield" (4/24/04)
ps042304Hauck.html Letter to The Pilot: "Doubts About Morgan" -Thomas Hauck (4/22/04)
ps042504Redmond.html Letter to The Pilot: "The Great Manipulator" - about the Moore County public schools manipulation of SAT scores. -Ralph Redmond (4/25/04)
ps042804Shebs.html Letter to The Pilot: "Stick With Experience" -Ted Shebs (4/27/04)
ps042304Ingram.html Letter to The Pilot: "Wrong About Crutchfield" -Laura Ingram (4/22/04)
wptf_nc_income_growth_slow_for_3rd_straight_year.html AP: N.C. Income Growth Slower Than National Rate For Third Straight Year (4/28/04)
history_of_filibuster_Eastman.htm National Review: Does the Senate filibuster need reform? -By John C. Eastman (5/15/04)
ps050204Hurd.html Letter to The Pilot: "For Lottery, Against Morgan" -Jimmie E. Hurd (5/1/04)
050504S-Mooney.html Pilot columnist: SCOTT MOONEYHAM: Short, Focused State Legislative Session Expected in Raleigh (5/5/04)
sanford_herald_2004-05-05_editorial.prt.htm Sanford Herald editorial: GOP primaries could become referendum on Richard Morgan (5/5/04)
ps050704Diefendorf.html Letter to The Pilot: Morgan Puts People First -Monroe Diefendorf (5/7/04)
ps050904Kania.html Letter to The Pilot: "Media Gave Bin Laden Propaganda Windfall" -Richard Kania (5/8/04)
breakpoint_05-10-2004_Mark_Earley.html BreakPoint commentary: "Fallenness on Display" by Mark Earley (about the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal) (5/10/04)
ps051404Tweed.html Letter to The Pilot: "We Need More Than Pep" -Robert Tweed (5/14/04)
051404PilotLight.html PILOT LIGHT - Morgan hints that he won't support cut in corporate income taxes from 6.9% to 5.9% (5/14/04)
stating_the_obvious-blust.html Blust states the obvious: Jim Black took the best deal (and Morgan's lie is absurd) (3/3/04)
w-s-journal_5-8-2004.html W-S Journal: "N.C. Republicans brace for feud" -David Rice (5/8/2004)
   "These radio ads do not communicate the truth of what happened last year. They try to convert a tax-increase bill into a tax-cut bill."  -John Hood
w-s-journal_5-17-2004.html W-S Journal: "Six key House districts will go to Democrats" -David Rice (5/17/2004)

Mean Streak Republicans:
MSIF_RMSP_same_address.html Main Street Individual Fund, Republican Main Street Partnership committee - Center for Public Integrity financial report (5/12/04)
nro_geraghty_on_MSIF.html National Review Online's Jim Geraghty: "Penn. Shuffle" (about RMSP) (4/14/04)
bloomberg_on_RMSP.htm Bloomberg: Republican Main Street Partnership finances (4/12/04)
041405toomey.htm Pat Toomey press release about RMSP and Soros (4/14/04)
Olympia_Snowe.htm Sen. Olympia Snowe  OnTheIssues
Susan_Collins.htm Sen. Susan Collins  OnTheIssues

cobey_expresses_outrage.html Bill Cobey: "Cobey Expresses Outrage Over Unconstitutional Lines"
why_redist_after_nov2.html W-S Journal: "Legislative redistricting not likely before Nov. 2" -David Rice (8/16/2003)
040204PilotLight.html THE PILOT LIGHT (4/2/2004) "Feds Approve New Districts"
032204-Map_response.html NC GOP on redistricting: "It's The NC Constitution, Stupid!"
042804gop.html Pilot article: State GOP Could Refile Complaint in Redistricting Battle (4/27/04)
050904GOPprim.html Pilot article: Late Filers Set Up GOP Primaries (5/8/04)
NYT_SCOTUS_rules_in_PA_gerrymander_case.html NYT: Justices Bow to Legislators in Pennsylvania Political Gerrymander Case (4/29/04)
CSmonitor_SCOTUS_rules_in_PA_gerrymander_case.html Christian Science Monitor editorial: Gerry-meandering (5/3/04)
rhinotimes_real_story_behind_election_delay-blust.html Greensboro RhinoTimes: The Real Story Behind the Election Delay -John Blust (2/26/04)

Whose web site is it, anyhow?
042104Coble.html Pilot article: Coble Defends Bush At District Convention (4/21/04)
ps050204Shaver.html Letter to The Pilot: "Clarification Needed On Role of Burton" -Do Shaver (5/1/04)
ps050904Burton.html Letter to The Pilot: "On the GOP Web site" -Dave Burton (5/8/04)

4th Cong. District tiff:
051204McWilliams.html Pilot article: McWiliams Issue in Race for Congress (5/12/04)
051404Morgan.html Pilot article: Morgan Dragged Into Fray (5/14/04)

Black and Morgan saved the Video Poker industry:
w-s_journal_occonor_05-09-04.html W-S Journal: "Are jobs at cost of values too high a price to pay?" -Paul O'Connor (5/9/04)
video_poker.html Video poker links & notes
5694204_video_poker_dispute_charlotte_observer.htm Charlotte Observer: "Video poker dispute revives" (4/23/03)
videogamblepokerPR09-01.html Democracy South: "N.C. Video-Poker & Gambling Industry Gives $613,000 For 2000 Election" (9/24/01)
morgan_decries_daughtry_links_to_video_poker.htm Just before he inked his co-speakership deal with Speaker Black, which also
   killed S6, the bill to abolish video poker, Morgan hypocritically criticized another Republican for being "too close to the video poker industry."  
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