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Dear Moore County Republican,  
      I received a call on January 30, 2004, from Joan Thurman, who is the current President of the Moore County Republican Women's Club.  She expressed a concern that by having information about the Women's Club on this site, we might lead readers to the mistaken conclusion that we are expressing the views of the Club.  In particular, she disagrees with our complaints about Rep. Richard Morgan's sellout of the Republican Party. 
      So, let me make it perfectly clear: is an independent Republican information site, which is not affiliated with the Moore County Republican Party, nor with any of its officers or auxillary clubs, nor with any candidate, past or present.  The views expressed on this site are those of its webmaster, Dave Burton, and they do not necessarily represent the views of other Republicans.  (But they should!) 
      I understand the reluctance of many good-hearted people to accept and acknowledge the sad truth about Rep. Morgan.  Nice people look for the good in others, not the bad. 
      Unfortunately, even though Richard Morgan is still registered as a Republican, he has completely sold out the Republican Party.  He has betrayed the Republican Platform, from top to bottom, from taxes to social issues.  He refuses to allow votes on Republican bills.  He makes up lies to smear his "enemies" (none of whom seem to be Democrats).  Co-Speaker Richard Morgan even conspired with Democrat Co-Speaker Jim Black to enact a Democrat gerrymander of North Carolina's legislative districts, which every Republican Senator voted against.  The NC Republican Party has filed a lawsuit to try to overturn the Democrat/Morgan gerrymander, and named Richard Morgan as one of the defendants. 
      There will probably be a Republican primary in Rep. Morgan's district.  One or more real Republicans will challenge Rep. Morgan for the GOP nomination.  The Moore County Republican Party and its auxillary clubs are forbidden by Party rules from taking sides in primaries.  But it is my hope that, by primary election day, every Republican in Moore County will know the truth, and Moore County Republicans will replace Rep. Morgan with a loyal Republican. 
 -Dave Burton (webmaster) 

P.S.  If anyone has a concern about the content of this site, or its accuracy, please call me or email me.  It is my intention that this site be 100% truthful, accurate, and fair.  If there are errors, or if anything is confusing or misleading, I will fix it.  -DB

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