From: "Sen. Fern Shubert" <>
Subject: New Raleigh Report Now Posted
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 13:06:43 -0400

A new edition of The Raleigh Report is now available. Just click on the link  to find the current edition and the archives.

[Webmaster's note: the May 2003 Raleigh Report is here.  Page down to the sections entitled "Revenue
Up 7.2%. Oops! Tax Hikers Estimated 8.6%," and "Budget Expands Authority to Borrow Without Vote."]

Topics covered include the budget, the portfolio fight and some clues on who
is responsible for the runaway spending in Raleigh.

If you thought we have budget problems because NC tax revenue is down, think
again. Tax revenue is up 7.2% for the year compared to last year. Income tax
collections were down, but given the number of jobs run off by NC's recent
anti-business actions, particularly the tax increases, why is anyone

Did anyone mention that the shortfall in income tax collections due to
shrinking personal income is more than offset by revenue growth attributable
to the tax increases, particularly the sales tax increase, that further
shrink personal income available to our citizens. If your paper hasn't
reported NC's revenue growth as a result of higher taxes, you might want to
write and ask why. The government isn't exactly starving for funds compared
to the citizens. In fact, while private sector growth is now less than the
rest of the Southeast, growth in government income is ahead of other states.

Similarly, if no one in your area is telling the public that NC is handing
out money with no accountability, be sure to share the story of Ham Horton's
proposed amendment. Until the public knows what is happening to their money,
the people handing it out and the people receiving it will keep doing what
they've been doing until the money runs out.

The pdf file at the bottom of the web page is there to make it easy for you
to run off a newsletter to share with your friends who are not on the
internet. Please spread this information as far as you can. People need to
know what is happening in Raleigh. When enough do, they will demand changes.

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