Mar 6, 2004
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Morgan the Democrat

State Rep. Richard Morgan defected from the Republicans to the Democrats to enact a Democrat gerrymander of the N.C. Senate, to disenfranchise North Carolina voters and keep Republicans from winning control of the Senate, even when Republican candidates get more votes than Democrats.

Every Republican senator voted against that redistricting plan. The N.C. Republican Party publicly condemned it as an unconstitutional Democrat gerrymander. But since Democrats have a 27-to-23 majority in the Senate, it passed the Senate despite unanimous Republican opposition.

However, Republicans have a 61-to-59 majority in the N.C. House (if you count Morgan as a Republican). So if Republicans in the House had followed the lead of the Republican senators and stuck together, they could have blocked it.

Most did. But not Richard Morgan. He personally presided in the House and rammed it through. He allowed no debate. He allowed no amendments.

That is only the latest of Morgan’s betrayals. As co-speaker, he also gave Democrats a veto over all Republican bills, and sold out the Republican Party and the people who elected him on pretty much the entire conservative agenda, from taxes to social issues.

Richard Morgan has become a Democrat in all but name. If he wants to run for office again, he should run as a Democrat.

Dave Burton

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