Feb 28, 2004
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Morgan Sold Out

Rep. Richard Morgan claims that his Republican opponents (the 55 Republicans who backed Republican Caucus nominees Daughtry and Holmes) had offered Democrat Jim Black sole control of the House speakership.

They “would have given the Republican gavel away and settled for speaker pro tem,” Morgan told The Pilot (“Morgan’s Foes Seek His Ouster From Committee,” Feb. 20).

That is an obvious lie.

The other Republicans say that what they actually offered the Democrats was an equal sharing of power between Republicans and Democrats. But Morgan “outbid” the main Republican faction by making Black a better offer.

There are two reasons why it is obvious that what Rep. Morgan told The Pilot is a lie:

1. Morgan was not privy to the negotiation between the other Republican faction and the Democrats. Whatever he says he knows about it is just speculation or hearsay.

2. If Democrat leader Black had an offer for sole control, he’d have taken it, obviously. He is not an idiot!

When the main Republican faction asked Rep. Black to agree to an equal sharing of power, Black turned them down, because he already had a better offer.

What Morgan offered to Black is now known, for the most part, because that is the deal which the Democrats accepted. In order to get the gavel every other day, Morgan sold out his fellow Republicans and put the Democrats firmly in control.

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Dave Burton

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