Oct 1, 2003

Morgan Does A Lot To Help Democrats

An Open Letter to Bill Newton, chairman of the Moore County Democratic Party:

There is no need for your party to run a candidate for the state House in District 52 this year. Richard Morgan is doing the job of the liberals for you. In fact, the latest state Democratic Party fund-raising letter praises Morgan for selling out the GOP. Why run someone against him, when he can do more damage to the Republican Party than any Democrat ever will?

Here are numerous items that Democrats have to thank Morgan for:

1. He gave Democrats all of the power in Raleigh. They got their budget, control of committees and the bigger offices in the legislature.

2. He raised taxes by more than $1 billion. This is sure to please all of the liberals in the legislature immensely. Mike Easley and Jim Black just had to sit back and watch the taxes skyrocket.

3. His math is as bad as the Democrats'. Morgan thinks five is greater than 55, since 55 Republicans voted for a speaker other than Morgan while five voted for Morgan. I believe our president would call that “fuzzy math” at its finest.

4. He stabs Republicans in the back. Usually that is left to the Democrats, but with Morgan in the legislature, who needs the Democrats to do this?

5. Lastly, he makes Democrats look good. Democrats, for the most part, have remained above the childish, immature games of Morgan. Compared to Morgan, most Democrats in Raleigh look like they are deserving of Sainthood.

Dr. Newton, if you are interested in preserving your party's grip on North Carolina politics, keep Morgan in Raleigh.

Republicans, if you want real Republicans to be in control, vote for anyone but Morgan, including a Democrat.

Monroe Hill

Eagle Springs

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