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Welcome to the Moore County Republican Party

2003 County Convention Scheduled for March 22, 2:00 p.m. at Old Courthouse in Carthage

2003 Precinct Meetings The Latest on John Edwards

Text of Co-Speaker of the House Richard Morgan's Speech to the NC House

Click Here for Live Coverage of the NC House and Senate

We would like to welcome you to our homepage and encourage you to explore our site. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact us. We hope that you enjoy your visit and ask that you consider joining the party at any of our functions.
The Republican Party is strong, principled, and conservative, and we believe that it is the party that should lead Moore County, North Carolina, and the United States as a whole. We believe in the power and freedom of individuals, and oppose all efforts of the government to replace our freedoms with governmental control.
Membership in the Republican Party is open to ALL citizens. We encourage all citizens of Moore County to learn more about the Republican Party here and consider joining us in our quest to restore our great country to its principles. We invite everyone in the county to join the ranks of the Republican Party and the vision of the great nation that our forefathers left us.

Downtown Southern Pines

We are dedicated to helping inform the electorate here in Moore County and hope that our web site aids you in being an informed voter. Be sure to check out our news section and our John Edwards Watch for local and state political news. You can also sign up for email updates from the party.

Please check out our party calendar and come meet and talk to party officials. You can also contact us via email anytime at or phone at (910) 692-2476.

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A Message From Our Chairman

Welcome to the Website of the Moore County Republican Party. Our party is the majority party in Moore County. Our State Representative Richard Morgan and all of our partisan elected officials are Republican.

We have the largest Republican's Men's Club and largest Republican Women's Club in North Carolina. The Young Republicans Club is growing and has become one of the most active in the state.

We are so pleased to have a great Republican President, George W. Bush. leading our country at this crucial time in our history. We are greatful to our retired statesman, Senator Jesse Helms and for all that he has done not only for North Carolina, but for America and the World.

We are thrilled that Moore County has helped to elect a new State Senator, Harris Blake in 2002 and played a large part in ensuring a Republican Majority in the US Senate next year by helping to elect Elizabeth Dole to replace Senator Helms. It is truly been an exciting year here in Moore County.

We are looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to the 2004 elections and ask for your help and support.

Pinehurst Country Club


Elizabeth H. Kelly, Chairman, Moore County Republican Party

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Check out the calendar for all of our upcoming events.

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2/5/03 Moore County State Rep. Richard Morgan elected Co-Speaker of the NC House.

1/22/03 Local March for Life held yesterday. Click here for a recap.

1/06/03 Rep. Richard Morgan honors Joyce Omer with the Order of the Oak Award. Click here for more.

1/1/03 The Moore County Republican Party wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

12/10/02 Executive Committee Meeting Summary: Seven members added to the county Executive Committee. For more click here

12/7/02 Notice: The Republican Women's Club Coffee for Tomorrow has been cancelled due to weather.

11/5/02 2002 General Election Results County State

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John Edwards Watch

The RNC Edwards File

Latest Polls Predict Failure for Edwards' Senate AND Presidential Races.

Edwards' Ultra-Liberal Record: John Edwards Isn't the "Mainstream North Carolinian" He Claims to Be;

Edwards Missing Votes: Since he Announced His Run for President, John Edwards

Missed 5 of 8 Senate Roll Call Votes

Edwards Picks Commie Author As Writer of His "Favorite Book,"

Moore Co. GOP Webmaster Matt McWilliams weighs in on Edwards' run

John Hood On John Edwards

Edwards 3 Times More

Liberal Than Previous Senators from NC

Liberal Activists: Same Lifetime Liberal Quotient as Ted Kennedy (88%)

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