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Subject: [NC Life Alert] Urgent - Help North Carolina Right to Life pass the Abortion-Woman's Right to Know legislation
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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 07:02:51 -0400

North Carolina Right to Life Legislative Alert
April 23, 2003
Greensboro, NC - Help North Carolina Right to Life pass the Abortion-Woman's Right to Know legislation. All constituents of Representatives Morgan and Brubaker need to contact their respective member to ask him to use his influence and position in the NC House leadership to see that the Abortion-Woman's Right to Know legislation (H998) is considered on the House floor prior to the May 1 crossover deadline.  If you are not a constituent of Representative Morgan, please contact him anyway since he is the Republican Speaker of the House.  You can appeal to him as the Speaker to do everything in his power to get the bill heard.
Make your contact via e-mail through the NCRTL Legislative Action Center.  That way, we can track how many e-mails each representative receives. That information aids us in our lobbying efforts.
This legislation has 2 primary sponsors, Reps. Linda Johnson and Paul Stam, and 59 cosponsors, a majority of the House.  In addition to those members, there are approximately 10 other House members who have committed to voting for the bill when it is considered.
This legislation has wide public support.  A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll dated January 2003 reported that 78% of those polled favor a "law requiring women seeking abortions to wait 24 hours before having the procedure done."  The same poll showed 88% supporting a "law requiring doctors to inform patients about alternatives before performing the procedure."  A Wirthlin December 2002 poll asked, " In light of recent medical advances such as in-utero surgery and 3-D ultrasound technology, which reveals the unborn child's body and facial features in detail, are you in favor of restoring legal protection for unborn children?" 68% of those polled said "yes": 44% strongly and 24%, somewhat. Only 25% said "no": 13%, somewhat and 12%, strongly.  7% did not know.
The Abortion-Woman's Right to Know (H998) requires that 24 hours before a pregnant woman receives an abortion, she is told the name of the physician who will perform the abortion, the medical risks involved for the particular abortion procedure she will have, the medical risks in carrying her child to term, and the probable gestational age of her unborn child at the time when the abortion is to be performed. If the doctor uses an ultrasound in the performance of the abortion, then he is to offer the woman the option of viewing the ultrasound image of her unborn child. She must be told if the person performing the abortion does NOT have hospital privileges or malpractice insurance.
Additionally, the pregnant woman is offered additional information which includes fetal development and alternatives to abortion. The legislation does provide for medical emergencies and for civil remedies.
Please send this alert to your family and friends and urge them to do the same.  Report any communications you receive from either Representative to ncrtl73@aol.com.

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