NCGOP Statement on Legislative Redistricting

Raleigh, NC, Ferrell Blount, Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party today issued the following statement on the Legislative Redistricting process.

“ I am saddened to report that today’s adoption of the unconstitutional redistricting map is certain to lead to further litigation. The Leadership in the North Carolina Legislature has disappointed the citizens of our great state once again. Incredibly, they didn’t share the maps with the general public, they hardly let the legislators themselves see the maps until shortly before they were asked to vote on them, and did not allow for any debate on the issue.”

Chairman Blount went on to say, “We are and have been overwhelmed by the explosion of grassroots support from the North Carolina rank and file Republicans. We thank them for letting the NCGOP and their elected representatives know how they feel about this attempt to subvert the State Constitution.”

GOP House Members who voted against the unconstitutional redistricting plan:

Cary D. Allred

Curtis Blackwood

John M. Blust

Joanne W. Bowie

J. Russell Capps

Billy J. Creech

Arlie F Culp

N. Leo Daughtry

Jerry C. Dockham

J. Sam Ellis

Phillip Frye

Michael A. Gorman

W. Robert Grady

Jim Gulley

Mark Hilton

George M. Holmes

Julia Craven

Linda P. Johnson

Carolyn H. Justice

David Lewis

W. Eugene McCombs

William C. (Bill) McGee

Patrick McHenry

W. Edwin (Ed) McMahan

W. Franklin (Frank) Mitchell

Tim Moore

Don Munford

Jean R. Preston

Karen Ray

John W. Rhodes

Mitchell S. Setzer

P. Wayne Sexton, Sr.

Wilma M. Sherrill

Paul Stam

Edgar V. Starnes

Trudi Walend

Connie Wilson

Steve Wood



GOP Senate Members who voted against the unconstitutional redistricting plan:

Patrick J. Ballantine

Fred Smith

John H. Carrington

Richard Stevens

Harris Blake

Hugh Webster

Philip E. (Phil) Berger

Jerry W. Tillman

John Garwood

Hamilton C. (Ham) Horton Jr.

Stan Bingham

Andrew C. Brock

Fern Shubert

Fletcher L.  Hartsell Jr.

Robert (Bob) Rucho

Robert Pittenger

R.B. Sloan, Jr.

James (Jim) Forrester

Austin Allran

Virginia Foxx

Tom Apodaca

Robert C. (Bob) Carpenter

Tony P. Moore