Fron:  "Dave Burton" <>
    Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 8:56 AM
    Subject: Moore County Republican Convention report

    Charles G. wrote:

    > Anything startling at Moore County Convention, Dave?

    No, the March 25, 2004 Moore County Republican Convention was
    orderly and uneventful.  I was there as a "visitor," and I
    also handed out two pieces of literature (see links below).

    They had only a half-dozen or so candidates show up and speak.

    Despite rumors that WRAL-TV was going to be there, there were
    no TV station camera crews.  In fact, I didn't see any press
    at all.

    Richard and Cindy Morgan didn't show, either.  Peggy Crutchfield
    showed, and delivered a short speech that didn't mention Morgan
    or any issues -- just how she had always worked for Moore
    County and will continue to do so when she gets to Raleigh.

    There was no straw poll, and no resolutions were considered.
    All votes were unanimous.

    They met in a large courtroom, which was about 3/4 full.  Bill
    Peaslee came down and chaired the business portion of the
    meeting.  Their parliamentarian didn't show up, but with Peaslee
    in charge they didn't need one.  The credentials report was
    timely and required only two corrections.

    I handed out two pieces of material about Richard Morgan's
    betrayals: a main letter, and a supplemental piece with tax
    hike numbers and a reprinted Letter to the Editor of The Pilot.

    One Morganista gave me back my literature torn into little
    pieces.  Another suggested where I could shove it, and a
    few refused to take it.  But most folks were nice, and many
    politely thanked me for giving them my material.

    Turnout was high: They had 122 delegates and 20 visitors.  That
    was about twice what I expected, but fortunately I'd printed
    lots of extra copies of the "main letter" that I was handing
    out, "just in case."  However, I ran out of copies of the
    supplemental piece.

    They elected delegates to the State and 6th District
    conventions.  They hit their delegate limit (75) for the
    District convention, and elected another dozen or so as
    Alternates.  Their delegate limit for the State convention was
    larger (ninety-something, I think), and they did not quite
    reach it.  (In Wake Co. we generally have the delegates indicate
    in advance whether they want to be State & District convention
    delegates, but they hadn't done that, so Peaslee had them nominate
    State and District convention delegates one by one on the floor,
    which took a long time.)

    I think that all the die-hard Morgan supporters are included
    in the slate of delegates that they elected to the State &
    District conventions: Shebs, Thurman, Tweed, Cindy Morgan
    (but not Richard), etc. -- the usual dozen or so.

    Here's the main letter that I handed out.  I printed about 120
    copies, and gave out almost all of them:
       (double-sided 8.5x11)

    I also printed 60 of these, and handed them all out: (editable) or (printable)
       (single-sided 8.5x14)


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