Chile: Allende vs. Pinochet, who was worst?

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Like Aldof Hitler before him, Salvador Allende was elected with a weak plurality (36% for
Allende in 1970, 44% for Hitler in 1933), and, like Hitler before him, upon his election
Allende set about dismantling the democratic system that had made his election possible.

Both Allende and Pinochet were anything but democratic, and both had violent gangs of armed
supporters who killed, kidnapped and terrorized their opponents.  But Allende was stripping
the people of their basic rights, militarizing the political process with Cuban arms & the
MIR & his "Grupo de amigos personales," crippling the economy, impoverishing the people,
and consolidating power under Marxist authority, provoking the Chamber of Deputies and
Supreme Court to demand his removal, which he ignored.  Pinochet, in contrast, after
instituting free-market reforms, which were extremely successful, oversaw the adoption of
a democratic constitution, reestablished democracy, and relinquished power voluntarily.

I would not have wanted to live under either Allende or Pinochet, but, on balance, Allende
was the worst of the two.

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