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What is the Batch Match tool?

With this tool, you can upload a file containing names and addresses, and the tool will attempt to match each name and address against the NC voter database. It then displays the best-matching voter record(s) for each name and address, on a web page.

Processing typically takes 12-20 minutes to match up to 1000 names against the entire NC voter database. It takes about the same amount of time whether it is searching for one voter or a thousand. Matches for just the greater Triangle area are quicker.

You can use it to look up the voter registration records for a list of "non-partisan" candidates for public office, or a church directory (so that you can help unregistered members get registered!), or the professors at your college, or whoever you wish.

This tool is "smarter" than some other tools you might have used. It does not just do a simple exact-match comparison for names and addresses. It recognizes the equivalence of common given names and nicknames, it takes into account that some people are called by their middle names or their initials. It recognizes that "RD" means "Road" and "CT" means "Court," and that "POB 4157" and "Post Office Box 4157" mean the same thing. It recognizes that "VAN DYKE" is a single surname but "SMITH III" is a surname plus a suffix. It can usually find voter records for people even if there are minor misspellings of their city name or street name.

Note #1: This tool requires a password and an email address to use it. If you need a password, let me know.

Note #2: this tool was written only for use by loyal Republicans. Democrats, Libertarians, RINOs/Morganistas, and clients of the chronically dishonest Strategic Partners Solutions RINO lobbying & consulting firm (Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart), may not use it.

Note #3: the tool currently does not display voting histories. I can add that capability if it is needed, though it will slow down processing somewhat.

Please do not hesitate to call me about questions, problems, or suggestions for improvement.



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